Evolving Identity
A Zero Party Data Solution

We start with what matters: user privacy and consent. The future of advertising means evolving identity from transactional relationships with consumers to transformative ones.
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Zero Party Data is the Future of Identity Based Marketing

Our omnichannel solutions are powered by our mplus Zero-Party Data platform, which allows advertisers to tap into users who have explicitly given consent to advertising. Zero-Party Data goes beyond GDPR, facilitating an authentic value exchange between users and brands.

We partner with global clients across a multitude of verticals

Our category expertise runs deep, and expands across CPG, Auto, Retail, Entertainment, Tech, QSR, Luxury and more. We support all types of clients, from mature Fortune 500 global brands to emerging D2C brands.

Why partner with mplus?

  • Canada’s Only Zero-Party Data Solution
  • Omnichannel Activation of ZPD Data
  • End to End Gaming Suite
  • Identity First Analytics Suite
  • ZPD Drives Unparalleled Performance
  • Independent and Tech Agnostic
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