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Our tech stack goes beyond standard omni-channel platforms and cookie cutter algorithms. We deliver dimensional performance and innovation at every layer.
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Tech stack
mplus Tech Stack

Delivering Innovation and Dimensional Performance at Every Layer

01 / Synthesize
mplus Innolink™

Our proprietary platform for identifying and auditing ad tech solutions to deliver on the innovation needs of advertisers

02 / Identify
Audience Engine

Exclusive data combined with machine learning powers our development of custom audience segments

03 / Access

Our unique mplus Logic instructs our DSP targeting

04 / Perform

Custom algorithms for advertisers enhanced by supply path and inventory optimization

05 / Learn

Our advanced analytics suite delivers proven business outcomes

Our Products

We offer a multichannel product suite extending across all devices and platforms. Our products offer a full funnel approach delivering on everything from Brand Awareness to Sales KPI’s.


We are redefining what performance means for brands with a focus on delivering business outcomes. We drive acquisition and action through our Predictive Models customized for advertisers.

  • Future proofed Predictive Audiences for a cookieless world
  • Multi-channel and multi-device based performance through one single lens
  • Custom algorithms and bid decisioning
Context Based AI

Our Brand Awareness solutions extend across all platforms and channels, reaching users when the opportunity to make an impact is highest.

  • Smart Contextual offers AI Driven Page Topic Analysis for Ultimate Brand Alignment
  • Dynamic Creative Powered by Data Signals
  • First to Market High Impact Ad Opportunities
  • Brand Lift Studies for In-Game and Smart TV
Laptop digital ad
Smart TV

Smart TV is our comprehensive CTV offering. Our Audience Engine houses ACR viewership data that powers our data driven strategies. We offer CTV ads on TV, as well as sequential re-messaging on secondary devices.

  • Build Incremental Reach and Frequency Amongst Cord Light and Cord Cutting Users
  • Conquest Competitors
  • Drive Exposed Users to Store
  • Push Offers and Secondary Actions on Multiple Devices
Smart TV

Our mplus Gaming suite offers dynamic, in-game ads that seamlessly integrate into the game environment. We tap into all the major dynamic in-game ad inventory globally, with exclusive access to programmatic consoles.

  • No Rewards Based or Pop Up Ads
  • Measured by 3D Viewability and Brand Lift Metrics
  • Multi Device (Mobile, Desktop, and Console)
  • Retarget Exposed Users Outside the Game via the mplus Audience Engine
Why mplus

mplus is placing advertisers at the forefront of identity-based marketing, going beyond cookies and GDPR compliance to deliver transformative relationships with customers.

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